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What Type Of Information Can Be Stored in QR Codes?

QR Codes are not far away. Retailers and businesses have been using them- they can be seen in stores, TV, magazines, business cards and mailers. But what kind of information is stored in them and what are the uses outside of marketing?

Original uses for QR codes

Originally used by Toyota called Denso Wave to improve inventory management of the car parts in auto industry.

Personal use of QR codes

Special message in greeting cards

You can send special personal message to anyone. Just find a link to video and generate QR code. Recipient can open the message by just scanning the code.

Emergency contact information

Your emergency contact numbers, your necessary information, or biodata can be added in your QR codes. Just scan and access the information. You can also update the information time to time.

Adding codes to your luggage

You can add dynamic QR code to your luggage. In case of lost or missing, your contact information can be accessed by scanning QR code.

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QR codes in marketing

QR codes now become the vital marketing tools as it provides direct link in the online world. You can add event dates, contact details, product descriptions to promote or virtually connect with your customers with this single scan. Moreover, the customers become more engaged with your message. However, the advantages can not underestimate in advertising and marketing.

With QR code you can promote a direct way to reach to your user’s feedback on the product. The contact information of user can establish further interactions. As the technology is easily accessible, it is attractive and low cost for marketing and feedback.

QR codes are traceable in real time and your website can be registered with the QR code. Therefore, it is suitable to amplify your print advertising. The world-famous companies such as Apple start using QR codes for their promotional campaign. The global use of the codes expected to grow steadily. The mobile devices are capable to detect codes with their cameras, and thus can easily launch or download a special app.

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