Why foot massage is body’s utmost requirement

Foot is your weight bearer; the whole day. Your all day activities are done by feet. But they are usually neglected. To care your feet routinely require the massage. Reflexology focuses the feet massage as many reflex centers of complex systems are present in foot. Here is the health benefiting effects of feet massage.

Relaxation and stress relief

The ten minute of foot massage can lowers the level of anxiety and makes the mood better. It is also helpful for dementia patients. Hand or foot rub can ease the worries and helpful to provide emotional comfort in grief and sorrows.

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Better sleep

The foot massage enables you to sleep better after the whole stressful day. Hence, it helps to overcome disturb sleeping pattern and insomnia. Press and massage the solar plexus for deep peaceful night sleep.

Improved circulation

The tingling in toes or chilblains are the causes of impaired circulation in the feet. However, exercise and regular massage can improve circulation in the feet.

Lower blood pressure

Right food can lower the blood pressure. Moreover relaxing foot message is also helpful to lower blood pressure. The research suggested that regular foot massage lead to reduce dosage of high blood pressure medications in the patients.

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Injury prevention and recovery

Feet massage can heal joint pain and also aid speedy recovery after an injury. It can also prevent future situations as plantar fasciitis- causes of heal pain.


Messaging your feet acupuncture region of your feet can help to reduce frequent headaches and henceforth, migraine pain . A research concluded the 81% patients, after three months of regular foot massage, claimed completely healed from headaches.

Nail and skin health

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The use of moisturizing natural oils and antimicrobial essential oils provide nourishment and hydration to your skin and nails. Also prevent them from drying and cracked heal.

PMS symptoms relief

Surprisingly it is the relief from PMS symptoms such as, sadness, anxiety, tension, fatigue and bowel cramps. As well as it is associated with reduction in both intensity and duration of menstrual pains.


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