Why people are no more interested to be a teacher

Professional teaching no longer remains interesting.  There seems alarming drop in teacher learning courses at first preference in applications. The disappointing interest to be a teacher is due to following reasons.

Teacher education competency fixation

The best teacher can inspire student to achieve more and more. They can transfer knowledge in the most meaningful way. They can rejoice the moment when they impart important ideas. These professional attributes are the key of good teacher which are necessary. And more valuable than just the requirement to plan assessment or to know the content accredited in teacher education programs. It’s time to develop the interpersonal dimensions in teaching.

Standardized testing obsession

Teachers are demanded to prepare their students just to do well in tests or exams. Standardized testing system has become the national sport. Teachers spend a lot of time in just preparing their child to pass or get enough marks to pass these standardized tests to approve herself as a best teacher. Then what would be the fun if you are not going to be creative in teaching.

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Lack of autonomy

Teachers are bound to complete the provided course books. They are unable to teach the content they want. Moreover, the content has already decided without the knowing of student capabilities. This undermines the teachers’ capabilities to tailor learning needs among students. Lack of teacher’s power compromised their professional responsibilities and makes the job unattractive.

Work intensification

The increased range of duties associated with the teachers’ role i.e. curriculum requirement, social skill developments making the job tough. The hard work included in teachers responsibilities without appreciation and respect is disincentive.

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Teachers’ bashing

As a career, teaching is the constant relation with public and their feedback. Negative public image is increasing constantly. However, it may lead to teachers bashing even physically.

Teachers’ salaries

The fact is teachers’ salaries are poor.  Secondary school teacher who has also completed the five year program are still working on salary quite lowest than a dentist. Moreover, there is less increment observed in their salaries. The chances of these increments are quite low or after working hard after 3 to 4 years.

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