Why to say yes to keto diet- the facts

Ketogenic diet/ keto / low carb diet/ low carb high fat diet shifts the body towards ketone production instead of glucose;  excellent energy source.  Ketosis is the natural process which trains the body to survive in low food intake state. The high carb diet when transfer to low carb diet begins to burn ketones. The optimal ketone level in the body results in weight loss, physical and also mental health.

What to eat: meat, leafy greens, vegetables, high fat dairy, nuts and seeds, avocado, berries.

What not to eat: wheat, corn, rice, cereals, honey, fruits, potatoes, yams.

Keto macros are high in fat (70%), moderate in protein (25%) and low carbs (5%). Below are the benefits and therapeutic effects of keto.

  1. Weight loss

In the long term, keto is more helpful in weight loss than any other diet plan. The body fat is consumed to produce energy thus, makes weight loss. Ketosis decrease insulin level, turn the body in fat burning machine instead of storing it.

  1. Control blood sugar

The type of food included in keto significantly lowers blood sugar level. Keto is also effective in managing Type 2 diabetes.

  1. Keto diet to increase mental focus

Ketones are brain fuel. Keto increase mental performance, focus and concentration. Some studies suggest, increase intake of fatty acids eventually increase the brain health.

  1. Epilepsy

Keto is most widely used to control epilepsy in children till the past 1900. Keto offers excellent control in epilepsy with the fewer medications to be used.

  1. Normalize hunger

Fat is more effective to burn as fuel. Fat taken in diet make the satiety (full) feelings, provide energy throughout the day and normalize hunger.

  1. Cholesterol and blood pressure

Keto increases the level of good fats in body. Keto show better results to lose weight and maintain blood pressure.

  1. Acne

Keto or low carb eating decrease inflammation, refresh your skin, drops in lesions and decrease acne. Reduce dairy intake can be more helpful in acne prevention.


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