The interesting myths and facts about Wi-Fi network

The internet connection (Wi-Fi) is the key part of millions of lives on the Earth. Tonnes of myths we hear about Wi-Fi network. Some of interesting myths and facts are list here.

Public Wi-Fi network are unsafe

We often reminded public Wi-Fi is unsafe to use. Surprisingly and interestingly it is fact. When you connect to open public Wi-Fi network, the chances to reach your information becomes high. As the data travel without encryption with this type of connection and you don’t need any password to connect. Stay away from them as much you as possible to save your personal information, although the websites such as Gmail or banking portals use their own certificates to encrypt the content. However, if you need to use public Wi-Fi, be sure to use a VPN.

Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi networks are harmful

It is generally caution that Wi-Fi may be possible cause of cancer and sexual dysfunctions. This is dangerous widespread myth. It is well verified and under the threshold set by World Health Organization. Although we come across with electromagnetic waves (Wi-Fi networks), but these electromagnetic waves are natural (our planet’s) too. So they are not dangerous.

Wi-Fi network

One Wi-Fi network can interfere with other Wi-Fi network

It is the fact that your Wi-Fi connection can interfere by your neighbored Wi-Fi connection. But it usually did not happened due to advanced technology. This is usually happens in small area if dozens of Wi-Fi connections are present there and they intrude frequency. But if you come across the problem; just restart your router to avoid interference. Add password to your Wi-Fi network and never leave it unprotected.

Wi-Fi network

Walls can affect Wi-Fi connection

Sadly it is the fact. The electromagnetic waves can cross the walls but their quality can be (variably) affected. That’s why it is recommended to place your router in central location to equally distribute the waves. Likewise, it depends if your walls are with tiles, metals or mirrors have variable effects on the waves. Techmasair

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