Yahoo Messenger shutting down in July 17

Instant messaging service- Yahoo Messenger is finally going to shut down on July 17. This would be an end of era though as it was first free-for-all chat app of its kind. Yahoo made the news public on its website that the users can use services until next month.

Yahoo Messenger chats and services cannot be reach after July 17.

With this Yahoo has also made an important and exciting announcement for its loyal fans who have used Messenger since its beginning. Now the Yahoo Messenger will focus on developing a new communication tools. As the communication landscape continues to change Yahoo is inspired to introduce new communication tool to fit its users need.

However yet there is no replacement. But Yahoo is experimenting with services and apps. The one app Yahoo experimenting includes invite-only group messaging app called as Yahoo Squirrel. Yahoo is redirecting its users to this new group messaging application. However the Yahoo Squirrel is still in private beta and it’s unclear either it will launch before the shutdown next month.

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Yahoo facilitated the users by providing them option to download chat history for the next 6 months through downloader request site. Yahoo asked the users to delete the Yahoo Messenger app after chat history download.

Still the shutdown will not affect the Yahoo ID as it can be used for other Yahoo products. Yahoo Messenger was first launched back in 1998. And it is going to shut down after 20 years. Yahoo Messenger was the most popular and innovative app but it lost its popularity in recent years.

The Yahoo Messenger users are disappointment on the news. But they are hopeful to see more exciting tools in no time. It should be reminded that the Yahoo Mail is not going to shut down but just instant messaging services. We hope the more exciting products from Yahoo to remain in the race.

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